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TwinTwit Ai Web Browser App For iPad


TwinTwit is a handy Ai Web Browser App for iPad, you can use almost all Ai's with One Question Bar. Gemini Ai vs ChatGPT and Perplexity Ai vs You Ai vs Search Engines. Together with Safari, you are able to compare very fast different ai, how does this work, on the left site of the screen you can have the ai answer results from out the TwinTwit built-in browser, and then on the right site you can recieve other ai answer results into your Safari Browser, you can do this with only ONE SINGLE QUESTION BAR! (no need to repeat typing the same questions again and again) - And if you want to use one/single screen you can also do that, choose Built-in or Safari and it is done. (choose the Back Buttons to go back to TwinTwit App) (watch these 2x videos on this site, and you will see how you can do that) - TwinTwit App is the best option to improve all your research. for example you can optimize all you google search results, by disable or enable some check boxes (search by time) (search by extension) (allintitle) (allinurl) (allinanchor) (and more) ,TwinTwit is also the second Web Browser app that does have a Main search bar and two Sub search bars. (before and after) with this you are able to type text in the sub bar and leave it there, for example (tell a story about:) now you can repeat the questions into the main search bar. this way you do not repeat the same part of questions again and again.

You can Download TwinTwit App for iPad From Here:

download twintwit

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Advantages of this App

  • Get Answer Results, in Built-in Browser & Safari Browser.
    This Way you can stay on website and still getting answers, without losing your recent website.
    or Compare Different ai's site by site.
  • Ask just ones in the search bar and find so out quickly which [Ai] or [Search Engines] offers the best answer. that's the power of TwinTwit. (this is the first iPad App that can do that so fast!)
  • Rapid Launch.
  • Getting search results into the Safari Browser
  • Getting search results into the Built-in Browser
  • Smooth interface.
  • Major Search Bar together with 2x Sub Search Bars
    (With this you're able to leave repetitive text into the Sub Search Bars)
  • Ai and Search Engines are arranged by popularity.
  • Evaluate answers very fast in varied of Ai Engines
    (free to use)
    Ai You (automatic) vs Ai Perplexity Ai (automatic) vs Ai Gemini and ChatGPT both (manually from clipboard!)
  • You Can Adjusting your Ai Answer Results by Using Some CheckBoxes.
    According to 6x Groups :
    Language, Format, Job, Style, Tone, Words
    (Example: English, HTML, Philosopher, Poetic, Authoritative, 10x Titles + 10x Paragraph's)
    (You will be able to Leave it There, And So Simple Repeat the Questions.)


  • Translations in various of Ai Engines and Translate Engines.
  • Searching Google with accuracy through enable certain check boxes.
  • ability to do searchings based on time.
  • Browse the web with Ai Results.
  • Spin-text on Primary or Sub Search Bars.
    (Notice! you can only use Spin-text on 1e level niveau : {word|word}text{word|word} - 2e level niveau you can not use! {{word}word}|{word|word}}
  • Can do Meta Searchings.
  • Receiving the Search Results with or without history influence.
  • Do searchings by using extensions.
  • Query searchings bars (before & after)
  • Are able to access and do searchings in more then 10.000 websites + socials + search engines by putting Bangs into the Sub Search Bar (DuckDuckGo)
    Samples are:  !fb = facebook - !qr = Qrcode - !w = wikipedia - !p = Pinterest - !r = Reddit - !tw = twitter - !earth = Google Earth - and lot's more.


  • Use your Safari Browser as default Browser.
    (we also do recommend for the best work-flow experiences, that you disabled the Private Browsing in Safari)
  • Some of these web-sites will ask you for to sign-in
    (you'll need it for the best experience of TwinTwit)